Monday, October 29, 2012


Only a few of my trees have their leaves still on. These are volunteer Honey Locust trees right next to my deck that my poor hubby just can't part with.  I don't think we've had the discussion here on my blog about how much my husband loves trees.... He has planted a forest in my back yard and can't stand to remove the ones that grow up next to the deck.  Those two are only a couple of years old. We now have 15 trees in our back yard, granted, our house backs up to a busy street and there are huge commercial properties that use to be within viewing distance- (if the trees were'nt there)! SOOOO, as an inspiration to my backyard, I made this Birdhouse to keep indoors.

Mr Cardinal came to visit.

1 comment:

Carol Smith said...

Beautiful backyard pictures, Laura! And I thought I was the only one to do that challenge Thanks!

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