Anonymous said...

OMG! This is soooo cute! Thanks for sharing! I love your website and follow it almost every day! Keep up the good work and Thanks again!

Vyonne said...

I just ordered the little mini purse, just adorable. Where can I buy the little magnets?
Yvonne Groen

Laura Haffke said...

They are Basic Gray Magnetic Snaps (small) and there are a variety of online stores you can order them from. I would do a search and see what works best for you. I have heard that some have used thin Velcro too.

Vyonne said...

Thanks Laura, I know I can use the soft Velcro, but even that is difficult to find in Canada.
Used to use the Velcro dots but they are pretty strong. The magnets are so much nicer I ordered the magnets in America. Too bad that I have to pay extra for shipping, but that's how it is.
I made the purse for the pop up sticky notes and it is just so cute. Made a flower on it (4 layers). just perfect.
Thanks again. Vyonne

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