Saturday, September 15, 2012


You wanna try something YUMMY?  I am one of those crazy girls who doesn't like chocolate, yep, now I said it!  I bake with it, I buy it, but I won't eat it. I keep alot of it around for the family & friends. Most little ones know that I have a bowl or 2 around of chocolates for them to eat.  After all, they are going home after I wind them all up with sweets!  ..... ok, back to the yummy part....

These are M & Ms new version of white chocolate candy corn! They are fabulous.  Yes, I eat white chocolate, so it must be the cocoa flavor I can't stand! I was happy the whole bag didn't fit into the jar... but my hips aren't so happy!

Now a little bit about the project.... This cute little jar is made into a pin cushion.  There is batting between the fabric and the jar lid.  The fabric is also part the the Orchard Harvest collection.  The stamp set is Friendship Preserves from the Holiday Mini Catalog.  The beautiful butterfly is our new Butterfly Punch with accents of Jewel Pearls.

You can leave me a comment and have a chance at receiving the fabric.  See details HERE.

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Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Love this project laura. These little jars as pin cushions are so much fun and the candy treat just adds to the fun. I love to stuff them with buttons too!

SU really did it right with this fabric and the perfectly preserved set didn't they? Loving it.

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