Friday, April 10, 2015


The challenge theme at THE PAPER PLUNGE  is April Showers.  I have some fun ideas for a party centered on Dr. Seuss!  I can't take credit for the all the ideas cuz the party was done last week by my daughter in law!  Here is the fun day!

The Lorax Sour Cream Treat Containers

There were Thing 1 and Thing 2 and not just a few!
I also saw Horton who hears a WHO!
The Lorax arrived to "speak for the trees".
There were treats galore "oh my, oh me!"

The Cat in the Hat shared a lot about that,
Then Sam I am brought green eggs & ham!

Sally & Ted were at the window to greet,
The buffet was filled with drinks & sweets.

You could color or draw, paint or slide.
Mold with play dough
or take a pose and say HI!

In the  bathroom was one fish or two.
I may have saw a red fish and a blue.

At the end of the day was a bag of fun,
and a hug good bye, enough said, well done!

My daughter in law- Alyssa has a delightful spark for throwing a party for the kids. Her theme was Dr. Seuss. There were around 20 little ones and many parents stayed to enjoy the day (and a beer!).  I didn't get permission to share all the kids pictures so I will stick to posting Addy & Harrison's.

I was tickled to make the Lorax sour cream styled treat container with an orange tootsie pop inside and the green eggs and ham pretzel bites!  Alyssa takes credit for the rest of the spread!  Her artwork and the help of her sister in law with the photo booth area were amazing!

Join us at THE PAPER PLUNGE  for some more April Shower ideas!


inkedx2 said...

You are so clever Laura Lynn! Love your little story.


Butternutsage said...

looks like everyone !!!!! INCLUDING Miss LL had a fun time!

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