Sunday, October 30, 2011

An OSTRICH Without a NAME?

Can you help me name my Ostrich?  My 3 Sisters and I grew up with the nickname "Ostrich" (because of our Maiden Name).  We share Ostrich Beanie Babies, Books, and miniture Figurines.  Now we have a Candy Leg Character!  I will have to make one for each of us. 
Leave me a comment to name my Ostrich! 
 (Hey Sis'- you can't use your own names!) YAMS! ;-)


Brendajos said...

I originally thought oscar but I think she looks like an olive or ollie. :-)

Jackie said...

I would say " Tootsie" since that is what she/he is filled with. Should you want to stick with "O" names how about Olivia or Ozzie.

Very cute creation, thanks for sharing her/him with us.

Roxi said...

Oogles the Ostrich because when she looks at you and bats those eyes she is flirtatious
o·gle ( g l, ô g l). v. o·gled, o·gling, o·gles. v.tr. 1. To stare at. 2. To stare at impertinently, flirtatiously, or amorously.

Gwen P. said...

I definitely think it's an Oscar! :-)

Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Love all the ones you've gotten so far. I was trying to think of a name strong enough to match the birds I used to live down the road from. When I lived in California I was just down the street from a huge Ostrich and emu ranch. Those birds were pretty wild and downright mean at times but yours is sweet and sexy looking.

Here's my list:

Olivia Ostrich Brown (not to be confused with Tom Turkey)

Olive, Oliver would also work.

Oz or Ozzie or Aussie (seemed appropriate depending on location)

Auralia Ostrich or Eulalie - uh huh..I've been watching the Music Man and other musicals

Then again...Babe would work...with those eyelashes what else could she be.

Going with more O's:
Olympia, Orrie, Orsinia, Ophelia, Osmand or Ozmandia, Organdy....OMG Ostrich!

Can't wait to see the outcome!

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